Border and Boundary, by Alan ieon 楊俊榮

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Once part of Hengqin Island, the new campus of the University of Macau is now a lease territory and a new district of Macau. Once the colonized, now  the colonist – we (Macau) use a wall and fences to circulate our new territory and announce an ownership change from Hengqin to Macau.

As part of my long term project, this work explores and discusses the relationship with this very same land (Hengqin) – blocked, cut, separated and captive by the wall and fences. The whole project is divided into two parts. Both focus on the same border between Macau (the Campus) and China (Hengqin), but with glimpses in opposite directions (Looking from Macau to China and looking back from China to Macau). I believe through a snoop of the other world opposite to the wall, we can try to imagine the development of the other half of the land separated under political power and authority structure, as well as to observe the difference between the land which was forcibly divided into two different political systems.

Throughout the project, one can try to understand how the blockage of people‘ s sight obstructs the knowledge to the other side of the wall, and how the border and boundary manifest to change people’s customary geographical concept of their own land.

Photographs & Text, Alan ieon 楊俊榮, Macau. Website:

Alan ieon 楊俊榮 was born in 1987 in Macau and graduated in Physics at National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan. Alan sees himself as the last generation of children born under colonial Macau. While witnessing the changing hand of regime from a colonial government to a local government and the immediate economical blooming afterwards, most of his work is associated with the urban scenery and focuses on themes related to the system of the city/nation as well as personal identity.

Alan is also a founder of Macau photo collective dialect.


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