Photo Essay: Conquering the Streets of Mumbai, by Kaushal Parikh

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So I started taking photography seriously about 5 years ago and was obviously drawn to the convenience of digital technology. I have to say that digital cameras are a good way to learn and understand exposure and composition since you can see what you shoot instantly and can correct and learn from your mistakes in real time.

Photo Essay: Tajen: Between Ritual and Gambling, by Agung Parameswara

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Tajen: Between Ritual and Gambling Tajen is the Balinese word for traditional cock fighting on the island of Bali. Two cocks fight each other with sharp side knives called Taji tied to their legs. This is a most popular game for balinese men. In the beginning, Tajen was part of a religious ritual called Tabuh Rah in the Hindu society. Tabuh Rah prescribes the dripping of blood to the earth as a ritual against Bhuta Kala (evil). These days society has changed and Tajen is more a form of entertainment closely related to gambling than a religious activity. Photographer: Agung Parameswara …

APWS Spotlight: Kim Hak, On

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In this APWS Spotlight bi-weekly series, Jessica Lim presents work from previous participants of the Angkor Photo Workshops and finds out what they have been up to. ON Destroying old heritage buildings is like killing a group of old people. ON is a combination of 2 words, OLD + NEW. OLD refers to old buildings, from the French colonial era up to modern Khmer architecture from the 1950s to 1970s during the Vann Molyvann period. NEW is about new generation. ON works with urban people born after 1979 who are engaged in activities in different old buildings. Even though we are in …