Reminders Project Asian Photographers Grant Finalist #2: Shiho Fukada

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In this article, we highlight the second finalist for the inaugural Reminders Project Asian Photographers Grant. We take a look at Japanese photographer Shiho Fukada’s project Japan’s Disposable Workers: Lost in Global Unemployment, in which she tackles the complex issue of unemployment in today’s globalised economy.


RAW Pocket Power – The new PowerShot S100 + Viewfinder

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The Canon PowerShot S90/95 series compact cameras are without doubt one of our favorite ‘real-pocket’ RAW cameras. It is quite amazing the power it packs for such a small, small camera. The only little itch sometimes is that it is an LCD camera, which makes shooting in very sunny street photography weather an issue. How can we improve on this? Ahem, add an external viewfinder like this! PowerShot S100 + Voitglander 35mm viewfinder PowerShot S100 + Ricoh GV2 28mm viewfinder Now if some entrepreneurial person makes a little stick-on cold shoe attachment of some sort, like the S95 grip…


Shooting Hong Kong with the Fuji X100

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A few weeks ago when I was in Hong Kong (HK), Typhoon Nesat swept past. On Thursday, 29th September 2011, Typhoon Signal No. 8 was issued and the whole of HK basically shut down. Schools, offices, the stock market and most shops closed and transport more or less came to a standstill. The MTR trains ran at a reduced frequency, hardly any taxis or private vehicles were on the roads and the ferry boats, trams and buses stopped running whilst Signal No. 8 was in force. My wife and I ventured out in search for food during the quieter moments …

@ Garry Winogrand

The Works of Garry Winogrand

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Around three weeks back i was working on my portfolio…it was about time as I had not updated it since long…working on my portfolio always makes me nervous …it never is a day long exercise…this time it took a week…and it did n’t get over…so in between i usually end up watching a master’s work to give myself a break from drudgery of seeing my images again and again…someone whose work can inspire me to photograph again… Garry Winogrand is such a guru…Every time I see his video or check out his images I run across to scribble on paper…you …

Reminders Project Asian Photographers Grant Finalist #1: GMB Akash

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In the coming weeks, we will be featuring the work of the five finalists for the inaugural Reminders Project Asian Photographers Grant. This week, we begin with Bangladeshi photographer GMB Akash and his project The Bitterest Pill, which aims to be a detailed documentation of the use of the drug Oradexon in Bangladeshi brothels.


Bruce Davidson- Outside Inside – Volume II

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I felt that my mission in life was to make visible what appears to be invisible and I do that as someone who is blind and comes into a world and suddenly begins to see. ~Bruce Davidson It has been 2 months since I reviewed Volume I of Bruce Davidson’s Outside Inside. I have flipped through Volume II a couple of times over the past 2 months and while I feel that overall, I personally enjoyed Volume I more, the power and intensity of his documentation of the Civil Rights Movement in America during the 1960s in Volume II leaves …

Fallen Child by Sally Mann

Shoot and Point: Selected works by International Photographers

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It was almost accidental that I walked into this exhibition. And I must confess, without any understanding of what I was in for, or what this exhibition was all about, I took away a renewed vigor of what photography means, at least to me. In a world where photography is increasingly made convenient through technology, the magic of photography is not just about capturing moments as they are, but it is a powerful medium for visual story-telling. ‘Shoot and Point: Selected works by International Photographers’ is held at Ikkan Art Gallery in Tanjong Pagar DistriPark. It is co-curated by Andrew …