Reminders Project Asian Photographers Grant Finalist #4: Agnes Dherbeys

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In this article, we highlight the third finalist for the inaugural Reminders Project Asian Photographers Grant. We take a look at Agnes Dherbey’s project #K76-3613, a personal journey which challenges the way photography can be used to learn about oneself, and also seeks to inquire upon the feelings of adopted children and the women who give their children up for adoption.

ISO: 1600 | Aperture: F/4 | Shutter: 1/15 | Color Mode: Hi-Contrast B/W | Photograph by Aik Beng Chia

Ricoh GRD 4 Street Photograph Samples

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We have always been fans of Ricoh cameras. They make great compact cameras. We have used Ricoh GXR, GR1s and the GRD3 cameras, so were quite curious about the new Ricoh GRD4. Fortunately, we managed to get our hands on a loan unit for a few days. While this is not a full review, here are some points we noted about the GRD4. The GRD4 body looks and feels exactly the same as the 3. Once powered, the most immediate difference in the GRD4 over the 3 is the auto-focus speed – it is noticeably faster, even in low light environments. …

Reminders Project Asian Photographers Grant Finalist #2: Shiho Fukada

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In this article, we highlight the second finalist for the inaugural Reminders Project Asian Photographers Grant. We take a look at Japanese photographer Shiho Fukada’s project Japan’s Disposable Workers: Lost in Global Unemployment, in which she tackles the complex issue of unemployment in today’s globalised economy.


RAW Pocket Power – The new PowerShot S100 + Viewfinder

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The Canon PowerShot S90/95 series compact cameras are without doubt one of our favorite ‘real-pocket’ RAW cameras. It is quite amazing the power it packs for such a small, small camera. The only little itch sometimes is that it is an LCD camera, which makes shooting in very sunny street photography weather an issue. How can we improve on this? Ahem, add an external viewfinder like this! PowerShot S100 + Voitglander 35mm viewfinder PowerShot S100 + Ricoh GV2 28mm viewfinder Now if some entrepreneurial person makes a little stick-on cold shoe attachment of some sort, like the S95 grip…


Shooting Hong Kong with the Fuji X100

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A few weeks ago when I was in Hong Kong (HK), Typhoon Nesat swept past. On Thursday, 29th September 2011, Typhoon Signal No. 8 was issued and the whole of HK basically shut down. Schools, offices, the stock market and most shops closed and transport more or less came to a standstill. The MTR trains ran at a reduced frequency, hardly any taxis or private vehicles were on the roads and the ferry boats, trams and buses stopped running whilst Signal No. 8 was in force. My wife and I ventured out in search for food during the quieter moments …