Bruce Lee & The Tao Of Photography

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We are huge fans of Bruce Lee – the man, martial artist and philosopher. Undeniably one of Asia’s greatest icons, Bruce Lee invented his own brand of martial arts called Jeet Kune Do. In the Tao Of Jeet Kune Do or Way Of The Intercepting Fist, Bruce shared philosophy behind his martial arts that serves just as well for the photographer and the art of photography. Learn the principle, abide by the principle, and dissolve the principle. Learn and practice the principles of photography, then break the rules to form your own method of photographing. Empty your mind, be formless. …

Video: Dark Clouds – The hidden side of China’s miracle economy, by Ian Teh

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  Produced by Panos Pictures, with photographs by Ian Teh, this is a journey into some of China’s most industrialised cities, a journey to the other side of the bright shiny facade that is the economy. It is a glimpse of another life and another world that is rarely seen. China’s economy is exploding and behind the scenes of this economic miracle is the industrial revolution powered by the cheap labour that is helping to build and sustain the economy. Coal for power, coal for steel, coal for cement. Coal and labour are the raw materials, the flip side and …

The Classic Street Photography Kit: Leica M2 Rangefinder + 35mm Lens

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To mark our first anniversary, we are hosting our first Street Photography Contest with a first prize comprising of what we believe is the classic street photography kit – a black Leica M2 rangefinder camera paired with a Voigtlander Nokton 35mm F/1.4 lens. Here’s a little more information on our first prize kit. LEICA M2 Rangefinder Camera One of the best ways to describe the Leica M2 is a street photography tank with a sniper’s viewfinder. Sure, today’s world is one of digital speed and automated convenience, but nothing quite beats the experience and feeling of photographing with an all metal, …

Video: ‘How Film Is Made’ Documentary

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A 1950’s Kodak Factory film that documents the production process and birth of photographic and cinematic film. The piece was uncovered as part of a heritage in the Netherlands and was probably used as a propaganda film for Kodak. PART 1 [youtube width=560]UJ6w1esVcoY[/youtube] PART 2 [youtube width=560]4-d0W6hMxwo[/youtube]

Photo Single: Braving the Night Rain, by Danny Santos II

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Title: Braving the Night Rain It was one of the heaviest rains I’ve ever shot in. While I was standing in the intersection, crossing paths with pedestrians hurrying to get to shelter, I noticed this lone figure from afar… right in the middle of Orchard Road. The silhouette was walking away from where I was, so with my tiny umbrella on one hand and camera on the other, I ran towards it to catch a better look. Suddenly I realized the figure was actually walking towards my direction! I hurriedly backed up until I got the framing I wanted. I …

The Secret Tool In A Great Photographer’s Camera Bag.

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The secret tool in a great photographer’s camera bag is ‘ACCESS’. We all take good photographs, or at least we should be, but the ones that stand head and shoulders above the rest are those where the photographer has made that extra effort, gained that extra trust and access, and shot pictures of a subject with that much more intimacy and insight. So, next time you consider upgrading your tools, invest in ACCESS.

Stuff We Like: Museo Rag, Zoom H1, S95, Silver Efex Pro 2 & 3/11 Tsunami Photo Project

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1. Museo Portfolio Rag Paper Our favourite inkjet print media – Museo Portfolio Rag Paper. 100% Cotton. 300GSM of Archival beauty. Great for B/W Prints, especially with multi-black cartridge pigment ink. 2. Canon PowerShot S95 We’ve used the Canon PowerShot S95 and love it. Smallest RAW shooting compact camera that really fits in a pocket. Love it’s analogue-style control ring too. Feels like a modern digital version of a Rollei 35s/Olympus XA to us. 3. Silver EFex Pro 2 The best digital b/w darkroom application just got better. We tried the new Silver Efex Pro 2 by Nik Software and …