WHO CARES? HIV/AIDS in Cambodia, by Masaru Goto

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These images tells a story about the life of HIV/AIDS patients, their families, AIDS orphans, and the struggle of medical staff and how local NGOs work day by day for more HIV/AIDS educational programs in Cambodia.

These images were taken mainly in Battambang, Banteay Mean Chey, Siem Reap and in Phnom Penh.  The images are only a small window into the tremendous pain and suffering endured by patients and their families. There is no future for orphans whose parents died from AIDS.

My greatest thanks is to those people living with HIV or AIDS, who welcomed me into their lives with such generosity and were brave enough to allow themselves to be photographed.

They believed these images could make a difference. I must hope that each of you will now carry their belief with you.

Photographer: Masaru Goto | Website: www.masarugoto.com


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