Photo Essay: 160yen, by Fabrizio Quagliuso

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I have always been fascinated by the pulse of Tokyo life and its pure, elemental energy.  And in my opinion nothing better than the Yamanote line could represent it: the Yamanote Line is Tokyo busiest commuter rail lines and loops around 29 stations and carries over 3.5 million people per day.

The two ideas of the ‘circle’ and ‘capturing Tokyo life’ were key. I decided to begin this project because I was fascinated and intrigued by the idea that by simply staying on the line from the first train to the last, looping round and round, as the day progresses one could experience the myriad facets of Tokyo’s life – each one carrying a tale, a drama, a lie, a sparkle, a dream – unfolding before one’s eyes.

The project is actually organised in the form of “a day on the Yamanote Line”, starting from the first train in the early morning and finishing with the last train, after midnight and was completed over a period of one month during which I spent an average of 3 to 4 hours per day “looping around”.

The project title “160yen” comes from the price of the Yamanote line ticket. The “160yen” photo book is available on Blurb:

Photographer: Fabrizio Quagliuso
Camera: Ricoh GRD II,  Nikon D300

All photographs/art are the property of the credited photographer and creator with all rights reserved.

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  1. Excellent images! I really like your style. Some of the images had me spend several minutes looking at them trying to figure out how you took them. And perfect b&w conversions. Very impressive collection.

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