Photographing people on the streets is like shooting fish underwater

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Street Photograph by Thierry Brulé

“Photographing people on the streets is like shooting fish underwater.” – that’s our quote of the week compliments of Thierry Brulé, after attending our Street Photography Workshop. Thierry is an underwater photographer and tried street photography for the very first time during our workshop.

“I see now that you need a calm and assured presence so as not to scare or affect the fish you’re shooting. You need to be very close like street photography for a good shot.’ Thierry continued, after which he showed us one of his ‘Decisive Moment’ underwater street shot with brilliant layering of multiple ahem… aquatic subjects.

More street photography from the workshop participants here:
Singapore Street Photography, by IPA Workshop Participants November ’11

Street Photograph by Thierry Brulé


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