Photo Essay: Shanghai/Lost Identity, by Victor Garrido

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Shanghai /Lost Identity

Shanghai, head of the Chinese Dragon, is in a frantic run towards fierce capitalism, especially noticeable in the boom in Shanghai’s building industry. Tons of buildings are raised – similar in height, colour and design – repetitive in their poor and simplistic design. This is shanghai’s ambitious transformation program meant to prove the unquestionable rise of China over the other superpowers. In the process, it leaves behind less visible elements, such as people and places that lose their identities. A schizophrenic double personality now reflects on this fascinating city making it ultimately a stage inhabited by wandering characters who do not know their part to play. A deliberate trend towards uniformity and lack of identity dominates the world creating spaces full of loneliness and contrasts.

Photographer: Victor Garrido
Camera: Canon 5d, 5d mark II

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