10 Little Tips For The Year 2012

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1. Understand that a photographer is known for what he shows, not what he shoots. Learn to edit, learn to appreciate appropriate sequencing of your images.

2. Build your portfolio. It’s your calling card and medal of honor.

3. Criticize your own work more so than others. Good photographers learn and get better from criticism so why benefit others?

4. It is okay to love your gear, if it gives you fantastic photographs.

5. Asia is where it’s at. We repeat – ASIA is and will be the place for photography next year and many more to come.

6. Photography skills are finite – Life experiences are not.

7. A good photographer is above all consistent. Strive for consistency in your work.

8. Aim to change not the world, but opinions – it is more realistic a goal.

9. Everyone’s a photographer these days so if you’re good, you are damn, damn GOOD!

10. Last but not least, follow and support Invisible Photographer Asia.

HAPPY NEW YEAR – Bag A Fortune (whatever that may be) in 2012!

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