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Talk to anyone who knows their Southeast Asian photography and you’ll hear the same thing –  ‘Indonesian Photography is Hot.’ Here are a few Tumblr blogs by Indonesian photographers on Indonesian photography.

Against All Odds

Andri Tambunan’s tumblr diary of his Against All Odds long term project on the AIDS epidermic in Papua, Indonesia. Against All Odds was also the winner of the Inaugural Reminders Project Asian Photographers Grant 2011. Andri’s Photo Essay: Land Ends was also previously featured on IPA.

© Andri Tambunan

Flores Project

Flores Project is a long-term project on Indonesia’s Flores Island by young photographer Karolus Naga. Naga’s Photo Essay: Trans Islam; Koran School for Transsexuals was one of the most viewed essays published on IPA in 2011. Naga was also a finalist in the IPA Street Photography Contest 2011.

Flores Project © Karolus Naga

We Take Pictures Too

We Take Pictures Too is an eclectic collection of photography by young Indonesian photographers curated by Kurniadi Widodo.

© Rizal Renaldi

Iphoneography by Gyaista

Tumblr blog of Gyaista Sampurno, featuring his iphone photographs, often offers a brief and intimate glimpse into the photographic and arts community in Bandung, Indonesia. Gyaista also runs The Distorted Darkroom in Bandung with partner/photographer Sari Asih. Gyaista’s Photo Essay: A Solomons Wedding was also previously featured on IPA.

© Gyaista Sampurno

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