Connecting Flights, by Darren Soh

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Modern air travel has made the world more connected than ever. There are few places left on the planet where you cannot access if you had the patience to make several connecting flights.

The increased frequency of air travel unfortunately also leads to this very simple fact: there are more commercial planes in our skies than ever before. At any one time, that there are 4000-6000 aircraft airborne and if you translate this to passenger numbers, the figure is mind-boggling to say the least. According to the CAAS, Changi Airport alone handles an average of 35 aircraft an hour and this number can sometimes go up to 60; thats one aircraft landing or taking off EVERY MINUTE. Besides the obvious increase in man’s carbon footprint by this exponential increase in air travel, our landscapes are also getting more and more crowded with aircraft traffic – or that which they leave behind. Connecting Flights is a project where my curiosity got the better of me. I wanted to find out what frequent air traffic photographed in the span of one to two hours in a given location would look like translated into photographs. Here are my findings.

Photographer: Darren Soh | Website:

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