Photo Essay: 15th Anniversary of Hong Kong, by Lam Yik Fei

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15th Anniversary of Hong Kong

“The way of life shall remain unchanged for 50 years.”

While the Hong Kong people are celebrating the 15th anniversary of the HKSAR establishment, the questions arise – have there been any transformation or have things really remained unchanged as promised? Skyscrapers are surrounding Hong Kong; the luxury outlets are packed with visitors from the Mainland; Cantonese has become a foreign language in the delivery room. These photos illustrate the way of life of Hong Kong people nowadays, after the 15-year reunion with their motherland.

The wealth gap in Hong Kong has widened to a historic high, with the Gini index rising to 0.537. The lower class can only stay in sub-divided units in factories since they cannot afford the high rent. Mr Yeung worked in a public transportation company as technician for 20 years before he was laid off in 2000. He witnessed the changes
in grassroots’ lives in the past 15 years. He once owned a Home Ownership Scheme flat at Fanling, which he had to sell due to unemployment. Currently he pays HK$1,300 monthly rent for a 30-sq-feet sub-divided unit at Tai Kok Tsui. The landlord forced him to leave in early June. The deadline has passed, he has yet to find a new place.

Photographer: Lam Yik Fei
Camera: Canon EOS 5D II
Website: www.lamyikfei.com

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