Photographer Spotlight: Ayoung Kim, South Korea

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Ayoung Kim, a 33 year old Contemporary Photographer/Artist from South Korea, documents her reflections on current affairs and events she reads in the South Korean and British media. She is best known for Ephemeral Ephemera – her series of whimsical narrative montages commenting on the frivolity of modern times.

Ephemeral Ephemera - 01, 2007 Accept North Korea into the nuclear club or bomb it now,  October 11 2006

Ephemeral Ephemera – 01, 2007. Accept North Korea into the nuclear club or bomb it now. © Ayung Kim

Ephemeral Ephemera – 03, 2007. Entertainers’ suicides in succession, why? © Ayung Kim

Ephemeral Ephemera – 08, 2008. British teacher found buried in bathtub of sand, 28 March, 2007. © Ayoung Kim

Ephemeral Ephemera – 09, 2008. CCTV captures death chase, 19 July 2007. © Ayoung Kim

Ephemeral Ephemera – 06, 2007. Headless body found in Thames, 21 April, 2007. © Ayoung Kim

Ephemeral Ephemera – 07, 2007. Man hits bus roof after 70Ft death plunge, 29 May, 2007. © Ayoung Kim

A little video interview with Ayoung Kim on her ‘Minima Memoria’ exhibition in London.

More on Ayoung Kim :


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