Singapore Photo Books

Must say, it’s a fine day for Singapore Photo Books.

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Must say, it’s a fine day for Singapore Photo Books. We just received copies of 2 new photo books by Singaporean photographers in the past 24 hours. Sean Lee gave us his debut photo book yesterday, and we received a copy of Our Gurkhas by Zakaria Zainal today. Earlier this year, a few other books were published, including Ernest Goh’s Fish Book and Kang Li’s At Our Doorsteps. Must say, it’s a fine year in fact, for Singapore Photo Books.

Here’s a snapshot of the Photo Books by Singaporean Photographers we currently have in our library.

Singapore Photo Books

Singapore Photo Books

1. At Our Doorsteps, by Sam Kang Li
2. Becoming Capa, by Tay Kay Chin
3. Curiocity, by Bob Lee
4. Panoramic Singapore, by Tay Kay Chin
5. Chinatowns In A Globalizing Southeast Asia, by Zhuang Wubin
6. One Room Flat, by Bob Lee
7. Shibuya, by Nguan
8. Viva Timor Loro S’ae, by Mathias Heng
9. The Fish Book, by Ernest Goh
10. Our Gurkhas, by Zakaria Zainal
11. Chinese Muslims in Indonesia, by Zhuang Wubin
12. Sean Lee, by Sean Lee
13. While You Were Sleeping, by Darren Soh
14. Light From Within, by Melisa Teo
15. An Ingenious Reverie, by Yip Cheong Fun
16. The Long Road Home, by Sim Chi Yin

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