Photo Essay: Boring, by Jaroslaw Komuda

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“Boring” explores the urban environment we live in. While inner city regions remain bustling and filled with excitement, local neighbourhoods appear lifeless and uninspiring. The project focuses on places we pass unnoticed and areas we would call unattractive without a moment of hesitation. It investigates spots that are dull and stripped of human presence, public space we shape and living conditions we confront everyday.

Photographer: Jaroslaw Komuda
Camera: Canon AE-1, Canon FD


Comments 9

  1. I liked a lot this serie…rather than always looking for excitement I find it a really good way to record emptyness and all the sensations going along with it…that can happen in the most crowded and oversized city like in the most foreign and forgotten country you can find yourself lost in…

    Thanks for sharing.

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