Hijab/Her, by Nurul Huda

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Hijab. Screen. Curtain. Partition. Aurat. Modesty. Concealment. Coverage. Cloth.

“Hijab/Her” explores the varying relationships between the woman and her hijab. The hijab is a piece of cloth that shrouds her head, used as a way of concealing the aurat of the Muslim woman: areas on her body, which should be covered from view, as required in Islam. Based on the stories of different women who don the hijab, this series presents the hijab as a site of discourse, articulated in relation to her place in society, her body, and her inner self.

“I miss having the wind in my hair. I would much rather read a book than cook. I like to wear sexy lingerie, but I cannot show it. I sometimes feel invisible. I often feel overwhelmed by representations of us, good or bad. I am not a ‘minah tudong’. I have been called a ‘terrorist’ before. I exist.”

Photographs & Text: Nurul Huda | Website: nurulh.tumblr.com



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