An Inside Look at Photo Book Publishing with Tay Kay Chin

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Photographer Tay Kay Chin is on his way to printing his next photo book ‘SPOOKS’. We are teaming up with him to offer selected young photographers an inside, in-depth look at self-publishing a photo book. Join Kay Chin throughout the process from design to mockups, press checks with the printer and production. Call it an internship/workshop of sorts.

Several people have written to me and Kevin at IPA regarding the ‘workshop’.

We do need to make some tough decisions and that includes a ‘small’ change of plan.

I think the blog entries are already very open and honest so the general public is served (I hope)

Instead of a paid workshop, we are more inclined to just taking on 1-2 individuals who are more ready for the experience. My preference is to find someone with a body of works ready to be turned into a book. Forgot to mention in front: this will be totally FOC to the selected individuals. FOC also means you don’t need to do any slave work for us.

Our plan is to make available WIP files, as well as some confidential correspondence (OK, market-sensitive info will sound more important) to the selected individuals.

In addition, what is more important to us is that when my book is done, the individuals have also made substantial progress on their own projects.

Give us a little bit more time to figure out and then, we will be in touch regardless.


Tay Kay Chin
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While details are being worked on, please register your interest by leaving a comment with your details below.

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  1. Hi guy i would love to join in for this workshop. I am interested in seeing whats the process like from monitor to a final print. And what happens behind the seen.

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