Photo Book Giveaway: Junku Nishimura + Rony Zakaria

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Encounters by Rony Zakaria + Mi Nueva York, by Junku Nishimura

Score a Photo Book by Junku Nishimura & Rony Zakaria

So its that time of the year for a giveaway! Up for grabs are two photo books by our friends:
Mi Nueva York, by Junku Nishimura and Encounters, by Rony Zakaria. We’re giving away a copy each along with an IPA SUNNY 16 Dog Tag.

Here’s how to win one of our Photo Book Giveaway:

Share your best black & white street photograph on your blog or webpage, along with a caption/text on which photo book you want. Include a link back to this post. If you’re sharing on your Facebook page, make sure it’s privacy setting is set to Public.

Finally, post a link to your photograph in the comments below. That’s it!

We’ll pick 2 winners by the end of next week. Ok, GO!

Reminder Again: If you’re sharing from FACEBOOK, make sure your privacy setting is set to PUBLIC otherwise we won’t be able to see your picture.

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