IPA Street Photography Asia Award 2013 Finalist 1: AKKARA NAKTAMNA

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IPA Street Photography Asia Award 2013 Finalist 1/16:


Website: www.akkaranaktamna.com


Born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1979, I learned to photograph from travel, photo book and internet. I realized that we might don’t photograph just in a holiday or celebrate events because we can photograph everyday, everywhere, by street photography.

In my opinion, street photography is not just a life picture but it is everything which relates to people and public place. Street photography can be a human or something else, on the street, under the sea or in the sky. My photos show that the ordinary thing can transform to something surreal and funny.

Now I work in Bangkok and shoot mainly street photography.


akkara_01 akkara_03 akkara_02 akkara_05 akkara_04

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