Chongqing, by Andri Tambunan

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For the last 6 months, most of my efforts were focused on completing my multimedia, book, and distribution of my project from Papua. I spent more time stagnant, sitting in front of my laptop, instead of taking photographs. And when I do shoot, it’s mainly for assignments staying within a set parameter placed by my client. This has taken a toll mentally and physically. My legs feel numb after a short time of sitting down and my fingers and wrists aches at times even as I am writing these words due to long hours of editing and typing. I feel drained creatively. I needed to get away and escape somewhere from this damaging normalcy.

When I was invited to exhibit my work at the Guizhou International photo festival, I took the opportunity to spend an extra two weeks in Chongqing. I have seen photos of Chongqing before and I found the city to be interesting. Unlike my routine of doing research before shooting, I went in there with very little agenda. I was not there to document Chongqing but to visually capture what I saw and how I felt in the city. Armed with my iPhone loaded with Google Translate and Map, I explored Chongqing using public transportation and on foot.

I love to walk, and living in Jakarta, this privilege is not available since almost every open space and sidewalks are filled. I walked for hours, often following the paths of the Jialing and Yangtze River. I took random buses and got off at places I found interesting. I had a camera with me and for the first time in a while I was taking pictures for its own joy.

*These photos were taken with my Ricoh GXR. I also shot 40 rolls of 120 & 135 films. I hope to process and scan the negatives soon.

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