Strange Fruit, by Jes Aznar

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Sticking out like a sore thumb, my birthplace is the only predominantly Roman Catholic country in Asia after more than 500 years of Spanish colonization and standing as the bastion of Hollywood’s influence in Southeast Asia since the arrival of the Thomasites during the turn of the century. Pious believers, a duped colony, or masters of conformity?

Poverty, conflict, corruption, and human rights violations are very much the images seen by the outside world about this country. But these images and stories doesn’t necessarily need to live inside a vacuum. Everything should be related and has a source, purpose, and reason. Beyond these images and stories are the answers that I hope to unfold before me.

Here’s my photographic journey in search of a nation in the shadows of feudal and hegemonic powers.

Photographs and Text: Jes Aznar  Website:


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