Photo Essay: I Am Not Scared Of Night, by Martushka Fromeast

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I Am Not Scared Of Night

‘In the midst of the sun rays, a costumed bompo I am not. In the midst of the moon rays, I have dressed. When all breathing, moving beings sleep, when the sun sleeps, I dress as a bompo. Come take my bompo’s body. Come take a golden horse. Come take a silver horse. By the sky trail let’s fly. Bompo’s chant in David H. Holmberg “Order in Paradox”

I am not scared of night  is a project on shamanistic rituals in Nepal. Syafrubesi is a village situated just 13 kilometers from the Chinese border, on a start of the popular trekking routes to Gosaikunda and Lantang. I soon realised that this area is packed with culture, which may not be immediately visible to passers-by.

I was fortunate to be able to experience a close relationship with the Bompos or Jhankris (shamans) who congregate in Syafrubesi, which is considered a spiritual focal point for the Bompo. I was privileged to witness special healing procedures, pujas to remove obstacles and exorcisms. My work highlights the importance of the Bompo rituals in their everyday life.

I would like to thank the entire community of Syafrubesi village, especially Nyima Tamang for his contribution.

Photographs & Text: Martushka Fromeast | Website:



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