The boy who never grew up – Street Photography in Anhui, China

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I am a mind full of fantasy jokes – a child living in an adult body. 

I am Liu Tao, Male, 32 years old, working and living in Hefei, Anhui China now.

This era is absurd, bizarre and unique. Material pursuits become the chain that imprisons each person. Familiar streets, high-rise buildings and zebra crossing is no longer surpassing. Everyone is like shrouded by huge balloons. Everything seems  natural and bland. It seems more and more a lack of curiosity. I feel very strongly against this state.

Photographs & Text: Liu Tao | Website:

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  3. The world is the same all over. People chase material things. Everywhere is starting to look and feel the same. Everything is dumbed down to the lowest and bland? Oh yes very bland…boring too.

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