Under Construction, by Labib M Sharfuddin

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This series of photographs deals with the construction works around the developing city Dhaka, Bangladesh.

In 2011, I took few photographs of a road extension work which was part of a huge flyover project. There were so many things happening there and it was happening fast. I saw the place changing day by day and the place attracted me more. There are thousands of small and big construction works going on around Dhaka city and it is changing our city day by day. Even 3/4 years ago places like Mirpur DOHS were nothing more than an empty land full of grass now it has become a huge housing society. To me it is very interesting, simple things like a dredging pipe spilling sand or a half sliced building beside a road, have a mysteriously benign presences which we don’t notice very often.

Photographs & Text: Labib M Sharfuddin | Website: http://labibmsharfuddin.com


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