IPA Mentorship Program MAY 2013

IPA Mentorship Program September: Scholarship Grant – Call For Applications

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IPA Mentorship Program Scholarship Grant September: Call For Applications

We are offering 1 Scholarship Grant to the IPA Mentorship Program beginning in September 2014.

The IPA Mentorship Program is a new distance learning and photography mentorship initiative by Invisible Photographer Asia (IPA) for those who wish to further their personal photographic vision and goals. The program, an extension of our traditional on-site photo workshops taught across cities in Asia, is conducted one-to-one using the online platform over a period of 3 months.

IPA Mentorship Program Technical Requirements

  • Google+ Account and Hangout capabilities using Video/Voice for Online Mentoring Sessions. Check here for required system requirements.
  • Access to Internet connection. Approximately 1–2 mbps bandwidth.
  • Computer with Software for Photo Editing
  • Suitable communication tools: Email and/or Social Media Profile eg. Facebook

We will be awarding 1 grant to a talented young photographer in Asia interested in photography mentorship. Our grants are awarded based on the merits of the application and potential of the applicant’s work. The aim of our Grant Programs is to provide photography learning and access to young, dedicated talents in Asia who may not otherwise have the means to participate in our workshops and programs.

The IPA Mentorship Program is also open for Public Registration.


To apply for this IPA Scholarship Grant, please follow the instructions below.

Send an email to [email protected] with the subject header: IPA MENTORSHIP PROGRAM SEPTEMBER GRANT APPLICATION, along with the following information:
  1. Name:
  2. Nationality/Country of Residence:
  3. Age:
  4. Website or Online Portfolio:
  5. Biography:
  6. Please attach a written Proposal (At least 250 words) of the Work or Project you wish to undertake during the Mentorship Program, along with 5 – 10 supporting images (approximately 800pixels width). Note: Applications will be accessed based on submitted proposals and applicant’s potential.


IPA Mentorship Program MAY 2013

IPA Mentorship Program MAY 2013

Latest IPA Workshops: store.invisiblephotographer.asia/collections/workshops

IPA Mentorship Program Testimonials

My initial intention of joining the mentorship program was to give myself some “reasons” to photograph. It turned out that I have gained more than what I could have possibly imagined. Not only did I get to know more about myself, but I am experiencing the passion again that pushed me to photograph in the first place. Kevin’s detailed critiques have always been honest and professional, and have given me something to strive for in my next photo shoot. I really appreciate all that you’ve shared with us!

Thank you Kevin and other participants for a WONDERFUL class. I have learned so much from you guys. You guys have been amazing! I am so going to miss our Google Hangout Session.

PETER TEH, Mentorship Program 2014

The mentorship program helped me a lot to look at things differently. Having a good mentor like Ox Lee and seeing how he helped the rest of the participants to improve is an inspiration to me. I learned so much not only from my mentor and also fellow participants.

AIK BENG CHIA, Mentorship Program 2014

Prior to the IPA mentorship, I did not have a project idea in mind and I have never been worked on photography projects before. Kevin didn’t give me a project himself but he guided and suggested what to look at (after seeing my portfolio) and try various approaches (possibilities) during the first month of the program. At first, it was really tough for me as I do not have any formal training. My only passion is to walk on streets and photograph people. My eyes only looked for and chased “street photography”. After a month working with Kevin, I slowed down my steps and paid more attention to things I wouldn’t normally “see”. I finally decided to photograph my hometown where i have been living for 33 years. Thanks to Kevin’s input and suggestion (and patience with me), I am finally doing something that means a lot to me which I took for granted for so many years. Kevin gave honest feedback all the time, I learn a lot from him. I got feedback from all the other participants as well.

SCOTT CHUNG, Mentorship Program 2014

I was looking to push myself further… not on composition or lighting conditions nor technicalities but to nudge me forward to better understand my work, to critic my work and to produce better edits. Editing in my opinion is the key to any series of work.

My personal observation is that Kevin has been able to mentor and engage participants from various levels of photographic competency and journey to bring about a positive change in their personal work.

JEFFREY LIAM, Mentorship Program 2014


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