Railway Longings, by Rasel Chowdhury

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There was a time when railroad was the only way to reach my hometown- Jamalpur. I almost forgot about this road after finding a newly built bus route.

I have started to travel by train again; it has taken me back to my childhood memories. I rediscovered the changing landscapes and the structures of railway. And also the small changes around each rail station.

My journey started from Dhurmut Rail Station, Jamalpur and ended at Kamlapur Rail Station, Dhaka. I explored almost 200 kilometers of railroad with my own way, my own photographic way of seeing. After crossing all the tracks, a question raised in my mind- enormous number of people travel by train for many years, but why is this vulnerable condition of our rail service? Is it on the edge of disappearing?

Condition of all these stations is worst. Trains run without any modern support. At one end, people are helpless for corruption and disruption and on the other end, people themselves are disruptive when they do not follow any rule and travel without any ticket.

In Bangladesh, railway and waterways are two most affordable and safe roots for low-income people. Today’s condition of railway is surely a threat to the masses.

Photographs & Text: Rasel Chowdhury | Website: www.raselchowdhury.com

Railway Longings, by Rasel Chowdhury is part of our Showcase Series on Bangladesh Photography curated by Munem Wasif, Chobimela International Festival of Photography.


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