Photo Essay: Que Huong, by Kiên Hoàng Lê

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Que Huong (2013)

Que Huong is about my grandparents and Vietnam. I worked on my own questions surrounding my identity of being born in Vietnam and growing up in Germany. With all the implications I am confronted with lots of possibilities but also inner and external borders. Photographing my journey back to Vietnam and visiting my grandparents is the most personal work I have ever done. It also helped me to get closer to my grandparents emotionally and thus photographically, too. Before I had the strange feeling of loving them, but not having real memories with them. More or less fragments which were not aligned with my feelings for them, rather unfulfilling to me. Going back to Hanoi and staying with them the whole time changed that. It was also a big challenge because there is not a lot happening within their lives. I was forced to remain focussed and concentrate on the small details in their lives. Being at one place where most of the time nothing happens is a very good practice for my patience. Still now after my journey back home questions of identity are there, but they feel less strong and heavy. They are just the right amount to keep myself aware.

Photographs & Text: Kiên Hoàng Lê | Website:


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