Photo Essay: City Of Small, by Thet Htoo

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City Of Small

In Myanmar, “Small” is a slang for a rich man’s secret wife. Some rich men hire or purchase cheap apartments that are far away from downtown to keep their temporary wife hidden away. There is a city called Yuzana Garden City about one and half hour drive from Yangon. This town is a home for secret wives. Yuzana Garden City is also the home to low income workers and employees such as garment factory workers, unpopular artists, writers, journalists, work-from-home moms, and many migrants from around the country.

Many people from Myanmar have moved to Yangon to get a better income, opportunities, and education, yet still struggle with many difficulties. Their main challenge is the extremely high house rent charges. Most of the people live outside the downtown area of Yangon. Some work at nearby factories and some at jewel painting workshops.

Photographs & Text: Thet Htoo | Website:

City of Small 01 by Thet Htoo


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    A BIG Congratulation!!!
    We see on your City OF Small, I like the name of topic,From yours We have faced so many Chellenges in our lives

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