Photo Essay: Rear Window, by Debashish Chakrabarty

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Rear Window

It’s been a long time we are together. As I speak of us, it brings some faces. My father, who is a government employee, has a life which has been the same as he had 36 years back when he joined the service. Mother, who has been sitting in Supreme Courts library for decades and still continuing after surviving cancer,. It may sense absurd but beautiful for my life. Every time when godfather uncle smokes a cigarette and fails to solve family issues, he looks frustrated and funny at the same time. It is special when few boys look in the night’s sky and pretend to be extraterrestrial or Shaibal pee in the neighbor’s backyard and get caught or Sujan the “hitman” tries to be Casanova. It feels good when I realize this journey of ours is bizarre but together we have an incredible story.

Photographs & Text: Debashish Chakrabarty | Website:

01_Rear Window

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