Say No to Sexual Harassment in Photography

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I recently heard about sexual harassment faced by quite a number of women from a specific person in the photography industry in Asia, as highlighted in a Facebook post by Dayanita Singh on 4th October 2015:

Dear Ladies in Photography. I had no idea Photography had turned into a casting couch. When did men promise… Posted by Dayanita Singh on Sunday, October 4, 2015

This was also noted in a post by Colin Pantall on his blog:

I saw some of the evidence first-hand today from one of the women, and I have no reason to question its authenticity. It was blatant and explicit. Preying on vulnerable, young photographers from a position of supposed influence and power is repulsive. Such behaviour should never be condoned, especially by the community at large.

In her post, Dayanita suggested a support group for women photographers affected by this. I hope it eventuates and the women speak up.

As a general advice to all young photographers, always seek advice and reference from a few trusted sources before engaging in any working relationship.


10th November 2015:

Promotion of Photography in Asia comes hand in hand with Protection

25th October 2015: 

What constitutes Sexual Harassment?

A guideline and definition on the UN Website:

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