Shadows, by Chandan Khanna

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Shadows is a photo project exceedingly close to my heart, and I share a special relationship with its people and places.

This photo series was shot in an old Blind School in New Delhi, which superficially has enough pathos to make one appreciate and cherish life deeply. The kids in this school see life through different odors, shapes, sensations, colors and feelings, understanding matter in a much more wholesome way than most of us, who assign the maximum value to what is seen.

At first, I often wondered how these children lived their lives, with the darkness. But during the course of this photo series I discovered that their perspective towards life is tremendously positive and zealous.

The Blind School has some extraordinary vibes which encapsulate the collective wisdom of the students and staff there. Much to the surprise of many, the kids in this school are self-sufficient, with superior levels of intelligence. A brilliant fervour shines through their daily activities, often filled with laughter and happiness.

The aura of this place is strong enough that it is almost transcendent, it defies our societal beliefs and norms and takes us through a journey of the persistence of humanity. In some of the pictures you might find complete solitude, such as reflections of the rope in the swing, the almost empty bench, the kid taking a bath without any inhibitions, and also the feeling of camaraderie when they march back to their dorm rooms or eat together in the cafeteria. These little moments make this photo series more special and meaningful for me on a personal level.

When I reflect upon my time and see the pictures again, it always takes me back to the same feeling of exhilaration which is the true spirit of this place. I hope that I was able to capture the true essence of the lives of these blind children and I also hope that you are able to see the lives as they see it through the shadows.

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