Nostalgic Rides with Woo Hock Trading, by Nicky Loh

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The highlight of visiting shopping centres when I was a young boy before iPhones and computers were kiddy rides with my Ah Por and Mum.

It’s amazing how a simple 20cent ride unleashed my imagination and took me away for that brief amount of time – be it flying on an elephant or steering a boat, they were surely memories of pure joy that I will never forget.

When I discovered a craftsman who made kiddy rides, I told myself, I had to photograph a series to showcase his work. For over 30 years now, Mr Lee Kim Leng from Woo Hock Trading Co. has been supplying such kiddy rides to businesses in Singapore and around the region. The first half of the 90s were the heydays, but kiddy rides have since lost their place in the city.

This still life photography series aims to focus on the artistry Mr Lee puts into his work as well as to document a chapter of our childhood before it is quickly forgotten. I do hope you enjoy going back through memory lane and take the time to scroll through each picture slowly to see the painstaking efforts he’s taken to make each kiddy ride.

Photographs & Text: Nicky Loh Website:


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