EPHEMERA: Open Call for Artists and Photographers in Singapore

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This is an Open Call for Participation to artists and photographers in Singapore working with photos, images, drawings, paintings and text.
Ephemera is about the ‘bottomline’ of Photography, Art and Creation – Ideas. And its presence, however ephemeral, sketchy, fragile, failed or incomplete.
Ideas manifest themselves in visions, images, stories, hallucinations, blueprints, maps, words… Ephemera is about acknowledging, gathering and intensifying that Presence. Momentarily, for 18000 seconds.
Ephemera is an exhibition. An experiment. An idea about ideas.
12th November 2016 at THE SUBSTATION, Singapore.


More Information & Registration: https://invisiblephotographer.asia/ephemera
NOTE: Participating Artists/Photographers must be present at the exhibition in Singapore to mount and unmount their work.

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