EPHEMERA Highlight: 印 (yìn), by Megan Miao

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Artist highlights from our #EPHEMERA Exhibition on 12th November 2016 at The Substation featuring photography, paintings, drawings, blueprints and performance.


印 (yìn), by Megan Miao

Used makeup wipes by the artist collected for the month of 11/10/16 – 11/11/16. This project last took place in 2013. 

Artist Biography

Megan’s practice is multidisciplinary and process-orientated, often socially-engaged, collaborative and dialogical. Her process aims to articulate the ways in which people organise their memories, aspirations and beliefs within different types of community. Identifying patterns in which people think and behave within a group, her work challenges commonly held beliefs and points out discrepancies in a humorous manner. 

She is also an educator, curator, occasional writer and a saikang warrior (translation: helpful person).

Website: http://www.hanqingmiao.com


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