Spotlight: 10 Ukrainian Artists at Odessa/Batumi Photo Days

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I’ve had many conversations with Kateryna Radchenko, founder of Odessa // Batumi Photo Days, about Ukraine and Singapore and the art and photography in both our countries. 

Ukraine is so far away and different to Singapore so I was intrigued with the idea of broadening my own horizons when invited to curate the main exhibition at Odessa // Batumi Photo days 2017. I was curious about what artists were doing in Ukraine, especially at this time in their history with current tensions with Russia. I wanted to learn if the anxieties and desires of Ukrainian artists were similar to those in Singapore and Asia, and of the language used in expressing them in their photography.

There were 123 submissions to the festival’s open call. With consideration of the available space, 14 artists were eventually selected that I felt made a good overview of the submissions and represent this one moment in Ukraine’s photography history. 

Here is a spotlight of 10 artists exhibiting at Odessa // Batumi Photo days 2017. This feature was originally published on 

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