Photo Single: Gods Within Gods Without, by Wenson Tsai

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Title: Gods Within Gods Without It’s near impossible to consider life in Nepal without a consciousness of the gods all around us.  From the holy cows walking the outer streets eating trash to the temples that dot the daily corners and squares, the gods know and see all.  Though by monetary standards, Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, they are supremely wealthy in a fervent spirituality that rises up through its people and out into the world as warmth, honesty, and dedication.  Some gods offer salvation, while others ask you to pay a price.  Some remain …

Invisible recommends The Street Photography Now Project

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We previously posted a note about The Street Photography Now Project on our Facebook page. We’ve just received an email from them calling for more representation and participation from photographers in Asia. It’s a great project with some great names behind it, so here we go – Go forth Asia, participate and represent!

Street Photography by Google.

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3 years ago, Google began stalking the streets of the real world with electric automobiles (each one armed with nine cameras on a single pole), much like how they stalked and indexed the virtual world. The result of the project, called Google Street View, is a huge matrix of geo-tagged street photography. Now what Jon Rafman has done is sift through Google Street View’s mundane and decisive moments, and curated a collection of Street Photographs called ‘The Nine Eyes of Google Street View’, photographed by Google, of course. Welcome to an alternate future of photography, a decisively pixelated one at that.

[Tear Sheet] Juice Magazine OCT ’10: The Invisible Photographer – Across The Street And Asia

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Original article in Juice Magazine October 2010 Issue. Text by Renee Lorentzen. Photographs by Kevin WY Lee and Paul Swee. Street photography blogs might be all the rage this moment, but Kevin Lee of The Invisible Photographer is taking this new phenomenon to a whole other level. Combining his passion for street photography and a strong love for Asia, Kevin launched The Invisible Photographer a couple of few months ago as a creative outlet for himself, and that other lensman next to him. And though most blogs focus on its owner, Kevin opens his to fellow photographers who share that same sizzling passion of working the camera to its best capacities. As …

Invisible Interview: Ying Tang

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Shanghai-based Ying Tang works as a magazine photographer by day, and moonlights as a charismatic street photographer by night. Her work has been featured in the British Journal Of Photography and numerous other publications, and her Sakura Love Flickr page is a favourite amongst many adoring fans. In this exclusive Invisible Interview, she shares some insight into her beautiful work and what inspires them. To accompany the interview, Ying Tang has also compiled an exclusive essay of her choice photographs. Invisible Photographer Asia: Your street photography in Shanghai is one of the best and most unique we’ve seen, what inspires them? …