Introducing IPA MZ Editions: Select artist publications from Asia

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We are excited to launch 18 titles with IPA MZ EDITIONS, a series of select photobooks by photographers and artists in Asia.

Daido Moriyama – Shinjuku+ and Osaka+

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Shinjuku+ by Moriyama is a reprint in paperback form of his 2001 book Shinjuku with about 40 additional pages of photographs (which explains the “plus” in the book’s title). The book is printed full-bleed and is about 15cm x 11cm in size with 648 pages and features his street photography work in the Tokyo district of Shinjuku. Osaka+ is kind of a companion volume to Shinjuku+ featuring his street photography work from the city of Osaka. It is also printed in the same format and size and features 488 pages of black and white photographs. “Even though it wasn’t a town that …