IPA Workshop BANGKOK, July 2013.

IPA Workshop BANGKOK, July 2013.

IPA Scholarship Grant Program for Young Photographers

Invisible Photographer Asia (IPA) offers Scholarship Grants to young photographers to participate in selected IPA Workshops and Programs in Asia for free with fees waived. To date, over 40+ Scholarship Grants have been awarded to young photographers from Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Russia and Hong Kong.

Grant Application is open to Asian and international photographers. The grant is awarded based on the merits of the application and potential of the applicant’s work, at the sole discretion of IPA. The aim of our Grant Program is to provide photography learning and access to young, dedicated talents in Asia who may not otherwise have the means to participate in our workshops and programs.

Awarded grants include workshop fees only, and does not include travel, accommodation and other costs incurred by the awarded recipient.

Latest Call For Grant Applications:


Latest IPA Workshops:


Alumni of IPA Scholarship Grant Recipients include:
  1. Aik Beng Chia, Singapore
  2. Alan Lee, Singapore
  3. Angelo Gian De Mesa, Philippines
  4. Aji Susanto Aom, Indonesia
  5. Bart Manoguid, Philippines
  6. Ben Tay, Singapore
  7. Chee Jen Ho, Malaysia
  8. Cheong Su Hui, Singapore
  9. Chio Gonzalez, Philippines
  10. Christine A. Chung, Philippines
  11. Clarissa Pranata, Indonesia
  12. Coung Do Manh, Vietnam
  13. Dianne Rosario, Philippines
  14. Ha Dao, Vietnam
  15. Hà Mai, Vietnam
  16. Hannah Reyes, Philippines
  17. Harold Alambra, Philippines
  18. Igor Chekachkov, Ukraine
  19. Jack Yu Kit Ng, Hong Kong
  20. Judith Tong, Singapore
  21. Katia Repina, Russia
  22. Khant Khant Kyaw, Myanmar/Singapore
  23. Kelvin Ah Kian, Malaysia
  24. Le Bich, Vietnam
  25. Lin Tik Chi, Hong Kong
  26. Mariel V Mok, Singapore
  27. Nats Manuel, Philippines/Singapore
  28. Olga Ingurazova, Russia
  29. Ong Shao Rong, Singapore
  30. Pannita Mitpakdee, Thailand
  31. Pauline Nikka Corsino, Philippines
  32. Philip Ho, Singapore
  33. Peera Vorapreechapanich, Thailand
  34. Phan Tuấn Khanh, Vietnam
  35. Rickket Tran, Vietnam
  36. Ridzki Noviansyah, Indonesia
  37. Saifuddin Jalil, Singapore
  38. Sai Kong Kham, Myanmar
  39. Seah Wei Chuan, Singapore
  40. Sheung Yiu, Hong Kong
  41. Tammy David, Philippines
  42. Theerapat Sumranmak, Thailand
  43. Xuân Cảnh, Vietnam
  44. Yamin Oo, Myanmar
  45. Yaya Sung, Indonesia
  46. Yu Yu Myint Than, Myanmar
  47. Zarni Phyo, Myanmar
  48. Zeng Liwei, Singapore
  49. Zinkie Aw, Singapore


Past IPA Workshop Grant Recipients


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  1. Hello,

    Hope you’re doing well. I am a freelance photojournalist currently based in Pakistan. I am working for NYT and Reuters among others.

    My portfolio is at: http://www.saiynabashirphoto.com

    I am looking to apply for the IPA Scholarship Grant. Please let me know how to proceed with the application.

    Looking forward to hear from you.


  2. Tôi xin đăng ký khóa học : Manzi Art Space, tại số 14 Phan huy Ích từ 16 đến 19/5/2013

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