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I had never considered my family worthy of documenting, because like most people, I thought they were ordinary. A life-changing incident a few years ago changed my mind.

Diagnosed with meningitis, I was in a critical coma for several days. When I reflected on the things I would lose if life ended, I realized that my family was where my sense of self, community and tradition were inherited. I had felt neither appreciation nor understanding towards them. This documentation project is an attempt to bridge my indifference, and to relook at a subject taken for granted by most.

I grew up in a family, where 100 extended kin lived and worked together on a farm. However, rapid industrialization forced us to relocate and re-establish our farm from scratch. Currently, 3 generations of my family continue to work on the farm – a vanishing trade in Singapore.

This series of photographs documents the struggle as they toil on the land, and the sacrifices they have to make in order to keep the family united. It also explores the dreams and hopes that tie us together.

Photographs & Text: Ore Huiying | Website: http://www.orehuiying.com


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