TOP 20 Finalists: People’s Choice Winner Voting

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While the judges decide on the official winners from the TOP 20 Finalists, have your say by voting for your
favourite finalist/s to win the People’s Choice Winner. You may cast a vote for more than 1 finalist.

UPDATE: People’s Choice Voting has now ended

UPDATE: People’s Choice Voting has now ended

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People’s Choice Voting ends 11:59AM Thursday 30th June 2011 (UTC/GMT +8 hours).

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Comments 36

  1. A lot of it has been seen before, e.g. the shadows of people, faces coming out of deep shadows, reflections and mirrors, naughty dogs…), gimme something new, gimme some wow!
    My vote for Rony Zakaria’s “Five” – a split second, not foreseeable, not anticipated, non replicable – true street moment! Wow!

  2. KARAN VAID’s photo is the best!!! it should win not only people’s choice but also photo of the century! better than bresson!!!

  3. Number 18/20 Werayuth captured the perfect moment with the ball and all that movement around. Right timing and lots of fun in the air, even in B&W life can be much colorful.

  4. Number 18/20 “The Shadow” Werayuth captured a perfect moment with the ball and the movement all around– right timing and interesting perspective. Also lots of fun in the air, even in B&W.

  5. “Another Life In Town”
    So mysterious. The picture makes me want to know more about that woman and child.

    1. Post

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