ABBAS, 45 years In Photography Exhibition

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ABBAS, 45 years In Photography Exhibition is on show at the National Museum Of Singapore from 18th June to 18th September 2011. We popped by and checked it out today. While the choice of extremely low lighting in the exhibition hall left us totally bewildered, we were in awe of Abbas’ body of work on show. We highly recommend a visit, even for those remotely interested in photography, and for that matter, history.

Here are some photographs and notes.

Exhibition Statement
For almost 45 years I have roamed the world, in search of images of upheaval; initially political and social, then later, religious.

Retrospectives are best done when the photographer is no longer around – there will be no surprises then. Or so I thought until the National Museum of Singapore suggested I have one.

As I am still roaming the world, let’s just consider this retrospective with some humility (who knows how many more years I shall roam?), “The First 45 Years”.


Abbas’ Iranian roots and moslem faith is a strong thread in the 133 black and white photographs on exhibit.

Of particular interest to some will be a display of one of Abbas’ contact sheets (mighty generous of him to share it). For those interested, Abbas brackets approximately 4 composition frames per shot.

Abbas books on display. We came, we saw, we bought the book too.

An Abbas self-portrait that made us smirk – good to see that the greats do take vanity mirror portraits of themselves and their cameras like us mere mortals.

More information on the exhibition on the National Museum of Singapore website: ABBAS, 45 years In Photography Exhibition

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