IPA Street Photography Contest 2011 Official Winners

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Invisible Ph t grapher Asia celebrated their 1st anniversary in April 2011. To mark this milestone, we hosted our first Street Photography Contest. After much deliberation by our judges, here are our official winners!

The Colt Attacks, by Karan Vaid, India

Another street show, by Mazini Hafizhuddin, Indonesia

Yoga, by Jimmy Sng, Singapore

The Shadow, by Werayuth Piriyapornprapa, Thailand

Karan Vaid wins 1ST Place and our 1st Prize: The Classic Street Photography Kit: Leica M2 Rangefinder + 35mm Lens.

View all 20 Contest finalists here: Photo Essay: TOP 20 Finalists Slideshow

Congratulations to all the winners and 20 finalists, and a huge thanks to our esteemed judges, the 3,000+ photographers who participated, and to Chiif Cameras for supporting our contest with the sponsoring of a Voigtlander Nokton 35mm F/1.4 Lens.


Chiif Cameras is an official Voigtlander dealer and proud supporting partner of The IPA Street Photography Contest.
Website: www.chiifcameras.com

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    1. Post

      Hi Thomas, We welcome critics. We actually unspammed and approved your comment. (It was in our askimet spam box). And thank you for your ‘Grumpy Old Man’ opinion. While we disagree with most of your perspective, we do agree with your vote for Rony Zakaria’s picture as you previously expressed in another comment. It is a great image and rightly voted as a top finalist by our judges. We read on your site that he contributes to your PD-JKT & that’s great.

      We get anonymous criticism posted here and there that we disregarded so thanks once again for posting your opinion under your real identity. Cheers.

      1. Hi, who?
        Great to know, that you tolerate comments, even you disagree to the content! That’s how it should be anyway, right?
        Since you agree with my vote here for Zakaria’s picture, who indeed is a fabulous photographer and contributor to PD-JKT, obviously it couldn’t change the judges’ and the people’s final decision, which in turn I of course respect.
        Though it would be interesting to hear, what made the judges select the winner and personally I would of course be interested to hear, what exactly it makes you disagree with most of my perspectives.
        I am certainly not an advocate of anybody else, but since this site aims to promote Asian photography and tries to give it a voice and an image, it might be in the interest of your audience to understand the reasons for selecting the winners. Or did the judges just follow the vox populi – the majority of your readers voted for Karan Vaid’s image as far as I remember (I cannot see the voting result any more)?

        1. Post

          Hi Thomas. This is Kevin, I was one of the judges.

          IPA has thousands of fans, so we don’t expect everyone to necessarily agree with us all the time. Although, we welcome differences in opinion, we have our own. Some follow us because they like our point of view, some don’t follow us because they don’t. All’s fair.

          I agree with you that Zakaria’s picture is a great one. That’s why it’s one of our top finalists. You are lucky to have him as a contributor to PD-JKT.

          As stated clearly above – the People’s Choice Award as voted by the community went to The Shadow, by Werayuth Piriyapornprapa, Thailand. Karan’s picture was definitely popular with the community, as was Zakaria’s picture. You have your personal favourite, as have others who have also expressed theirs. Judges picked theirs, it was a tough decision, and was a close call.

          We’ve had others ask why is this a finalist, why is that not a finalist, and so forth and so forth. Photography is ultimately subjective. Everyone has an opinion. Having said that, I am happy and proud that Karan Vaid is the 1st place winner. He is one hell of a photographer.

          As to your post on your blog, you are entitled to your opinion and perspective, and I appreciate that you voice it. PD-JKT seems to have a thriving community so I’m sure your point of view and voice resonates with its members. My disagreements with your perspective is reflected directly in our choice of 1st Place Winner – The Colt Attacks, by Karan Vaid, which disputes every point you dispute in that post.

          Thank you.

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