Photo Essay: Untitled, by Sheila Zhao

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This is a new series of photographs I began taking since the beginning of last year. Last November, I was inspired by the minimalist beauty of black and white photography. Around that time, the way I thought about photography was also changing and evolving. I began this series of photographs through a series of total coincidences. The photographs are more introspective and it is important for me to carry on taking photos in a more “primal” way. I plan on building upon this set of photographs for a long time to come.

Photographer: Sheila Zhao
Camera: Contax

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Comments 12

  1. Lovely stuff. Have been totally in love with color lately, but I have seen much B+W photography lately that makes me want to revisit it.

  2. I love it. Good luck on your journey. I would love to see it evolve throughout the years. Personal projects like these are always special.

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