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© Garry Winogrand

Around three weeks back i was working on my portfolio…it was about time as I had not updated it since long…working on my portfolio always makes me nervous …it never is a day long exercise…this time it took a week…and it did n’t get over…so in between i usually end up watching a master’s work to give myself a break from drudgery of seeing my images again and again…someone whose work can inspire me to photograph again…

Garry Winogrand is such a guru…Every time I see his video or check out his images I run across to scribble on paper…you learn something new every time….one of my fav photographers…he is complex to understand yet his views on photography are so simple…

© Garry Winogrand

© Garry Winogrand

For him, a photograph is a record of a life moment—nothing more, nothing less. Easier said than done.Here are a few quotes that are the closest he offered to a shooting philosophy:

“Photography is not about the thing photographed. It is about how that thing looks photographed.”

“I photograph to see what the world looks like in photographs.”

“All things are photographable.”

© Garry Winogrand

© Garry Winogrand

He didnt worry much about how pictures looked later. Nor was he worried about darkroom, I think; he only wanted to photograph. Frame what you want to have in a picture ,and not about making a nice picture. So I don’t think Garry was a snap-shot photographer. He trusted his instincts and he took images when it triggered his mind.

What can happen in a frame. What something looks like in a camera. Photographs are mute.They don’t have a narrative ability.

The nature of photographic process is in its failure. Whatever I do I can’t seem to get enough of it. Its such a pleasure.

Here are two awesome short videos on Garry Winogrand…..i shall share more of my leanings from Garry soon when i happen to revisit him next time around…

[youtube]Tl4f-QFCUek[/youtube] [youtube]-Zk1nkZ3-kE[/youtube]

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