Photo Essay: On The Road Of Revolution, by Kürşat Bayhan

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On The Road Of Revolution

Young Libyans holding kalashnikovs are on guard duty and the only light illuminating the night’s complete darkness are headlights. Checkpoints start from Tunisia – Libya border to Tripoli city. Gun fire sounds disrupting the night’s silence are signs of a conflict. There are still some parts of the city where Gaddafi supporters hold power and are in conflict with the opponents. Tripoli Central Hospital’s emergency section is full of wounded Libyans. It has been affirmed that Gaddafi’s army snipers are aiming for civilians during the shootouts. Writings on the walls of the city say ” Live or Die”. Doctors, professors, students, fathers, people from all levels of the Libyan society chose to fight for their freedom in a no-way-out street. After 6 months of bloody armed conflicts, there are now Gaddafi opponents in Martyr’s Square, formerly the Green Square, cheering their victory and the end of 42 years of Gaddafi regime with black, red and green flags in their hands.

Photographer: Kürşat Bayhan

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