Sayonara Kodak EKTACHROME Slide Film

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Kodak announced yesterday – 1st March 2012 – the discontinuation of their EKTACHROME E100G Film, EKTACHROME E100VS Film and ELITE Chrome Extra Color 100 Film. Can’t help but pity Kodak’s slide in relevance in today’s Photography world. Let’s hope this is not a sign of more Sayonaras to come (wishful thinking). Please leave at least the key Negative films alone!

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  1. Some think this decision resulted from Kodak’s inability to pay for another Ektachrome production run under Chapter 11 constraints. Still, for N. America at least, demand for E6 materials has been in free fall for years after pro shooters–and later amateurs– embraced digital.This meant steady reduction in the number of pro labs offering E6 processing.Only one lab here in Toronto still offers consistently good Refrema E6 service. Sadly, Ektachrome’s demise may spook surviving labs to throw in the towel on transparency processing.

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