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Singapore Workshop: 13th – 15th July 2012

An intensive 3-day workshop produced by Invisible Ph t grapher Asia, tutored by David Gibson, one of the founder members of In-Public, for anyone interested in photography and particularly street photography. It is for both amateurs and more advanced photographers but it is hoped that certain names such as Henri Carter-Bresson, Garry Winogrand or Alex Webb – or even those within in-public – might already have some meaning for those interested in attending.

This workshop course will cover the following:
  1. Establish what street photography is.
  2. Offer inspiration by looking at some of the great street photographs from the so-called masters to the lesser-known photographers.
  3. Interpret these street photographs and thereby offer a tangible approach to participants where they might practice their own photography more fully.
  4. Stimulate debate about street photography and the issues around it.
  5. Encourage participants to develop a more critical sense about their photography and a better ability to edit their work.
  6. Understand the importance of themes and projects.
  7. Provide an impetus to participants to continue to take street photographs after the workshops.
  8. Bring like-minded people together.
Workshop Details:

Date: Friday 13th, Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th July, 2012
Workshop Venue: IPA Gallery, 77 South Bridge Road #02-01 Singapore 058707
Instructor: David Gibson
Fees: SGD$625 (USD$500)

Limited workshop spots available.

Payment can also be made in cash at the IPA Gallery.

Further workshop details & schedules will be furnished to confirmed participants. For more information, please contact us with an email to [email protected]

Workshop Program:

Friday 13th July (7 -10pm)
The opening session will essentially be crammed with looking at meaningful street photographs – with lots of questions and debate. David will introduce the workshop by showing an eclectic mix of street photography from the 1930’s onwards, including those from Masters and lesser-known photographers whose work has particular inspired David. David will then show a selection of his own street photography, which covers nearly 25 years. This will be firstly his black and white photographs and then his more recent colour work.

Saturday 14th July (12noon – 7pm)
David will highlight the importance of projects, and offer some suggestions to participants, one of which will be the set assignment for the workshop. The afternoon will be spent taking photographs with David on the streets of Singapore. The overriding aim of the day – as established in the opening sessions   – is to prime participants to take better street photographs. The essence of street photography is to wander with a curious eye and as David frequently asserts, “to look for the luck”. David will be on hand to offer suggestions, encouragement and in camera feedback.

Sunday 15th July (2-6pm)
The bulk of the final session will be a thorough examination of participant’s work with an emphasis on the photographs taken on the previous day – which will include the set assignment. Participants are encouraged to bring along any previous work too. In addition during the 3 days there will be short one-to-one sessions timetabled where David will specifically look at participant’s work, either on a laptop or by reviewing prints.

About the Tutor: David Gibson

David Gibson is a well-known London street photographer who has been wandering with his camera for nearly 25 years. He is one of the founder members of in-public the international collective of street photographers. He has exhibited widely and this includes group shows recently at the FORMAT Photography Festival in Derby, The Museum of London and Gallerie Hertz in the US. His work is featured in the Thames and Hudson book, Street Photography Now an anthology of 52 of the world’s leading street photographers. David has an MA in Photography: History and Culture from the London College of Communication, which he gained in 2002.“People often ask me what I’m working on with my photography which is a question that always perplexes me a little. I should be working on something concrete – some major project – but really I’m just working on my inspiration, always trying to get back to that original spark. Doing these workshops is part of that process because what I’m trying to pass on is simply inspiration about a very particular type of photography. Other people’s sense of discovery always reignites my photography. And of course sometimes I am both inspired and challenged by the standard and imagination of people. It all goes into the dynamic of the workshop, we all share and benefit from it.”

More from David on : http://www.in-public.com/davidgibson

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