Photography, at it’s best, need not always be explained.

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Raghu Rai: Photography, at it’s best, need not always be explained.

“To me the camera is an instrument of learning. When you look through it, you start achieving a kind of concentration. In these concentrated moments you penetrate and discover the unseen – the unknown. It’s a learning of the self and the world. As Bresson said, when you close one eye to look through the viewfinder, one eye looks at the world and the other looks inside you! As I learn about life with each click of the shutter, the desire is to ingest everything and realize it to the point that it is not coloured by my consciousness or spirit. As all that you are in these moments gets reflected in your work.

Photography, at it’s best, goes far beyond the style of an individual; like the soul it need not always be explained.” Raghu Rai, India: Reflections In Colour

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