IPA Shoot Shadow Master T-Shirt Giveaway

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IPA Shoot Shadow Master T-shirt Giveaway

IPA Shoot Shadow Master T-Shirt Giveaway!

To celebrate IPA getting 130,000 fans and followers on Facebook, we’re giving away 3 IPA Shoot Shadow Master T-Shirts!

Here’s how to get your hands on one!

Share with us your first encounter with photography – In the comments below tell us about your first experiences with photography from your first encounter, first camera, a link to a very early picture of yours. That’s it! To see examples of what some other photographers have shared, check out: https://invisiblephotographer.asia/tag/first-click/. Please list your preferred T-shirt Size too!

This Giveaway opportunity will be open till Monday 24th September 2012.

Thanks, good luck and help spread the word!

IPA Shoot Shadow Master T-Shirt Giveaway

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