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As some of you may know, we recently launched the official IPA Online Store, where you may purchase some of our stuff. Currently available at the store are our Street Ph t graphy Asia T-shirts and Sunny 16 Dog Tags. We hope to have more in the near future, including photography prints from select photographers. Purchasing from our store will help us grow IPA and support our efforts to promote photography in Asia.

To mark the opening of our store and to thank our followers for their support, we’re giving away a couple of original Street Ph t graphy Asia T-shirts. Here’s how you can get one.

Why I Love Street Photography Giveaway

Tell us why you love street photography. It’s that simple. Profess your love by posting in the comments below. You may write text only and/or take a picture (add a link to the picture on your website. Picture must be yours) to best answer the question – You decide how you want to express your answer. Please only post 1 answer, multiple posts will be disqualified.

The top 3 answers that we find creative, interesting and well-expressed get a T-shirt each. This giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere for a week and closes end of day, Friday 16th September 2011 (SGT – Singapore Time). Note: Ensure you post with a valid email address.

OK, Go!

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Comments 202

  1. PH T GRAPHY: I like it. I love it, yes! There is nothing about Ph t graphy that I don’t like. ‘A picture is worth a THOUSAND words’ – says it all. Love, adventure, stories, emotions, people; I see it all walking on the streets with my love-my camera. Were ever I go, my Love is with me capturing everything around me.

    Street Ph t graphy hope we are there always together, because you my only LOVE.

  2. Because the rhythm of the street
    has its own heart beat
    pumping through our veins
    to its very own refrain

    Humanity on display in all its glory,
    if you have the eyes to see it, then you can tell its story.
    History re written on the pages of the street,
    the rags or riches stories beneath your very feet.
    So bare witness to what ever unfolds
    because that decisive moment is yours to behold.

    click, click and click away and live to click another day.
    Click, click and click some more,
    please don’t stop clicking, there is a world to explore.

    Hi, hope you liked the verse. Click the link below to see two examples of my street images. Thank you.

  3. why ? cause this is not about capturing something/ someone, it is about reflection how to understand about our self, reflective. when I take a photo , i learn from my subject, then i used that experience to reflect my self ,

  4. I love street photography because it is one of the ways of creating photographs that doesn’t force you to abide solely to the rules and laws of photography.

    I love street photography also because, the moments you capture during the walks you take might not ever happen again or you might not see those people again.

    Street photography isn’t what kind of equipments you use or what kind of camera you have as long as you could create and capture photo that would last for a long time. That is the reason why I love street photography.

  5. it’s grabbing …
    a fragment of life …
    a moment …
    that is irreplaceable …
    capturing something …
    that will never happen again …

  6. street is different side of world when people meet even they don’t know each other. they make a harmony of soul with another things around them. those are beautiful scenery which change every single second. Street photography makes them life in another world, on a canvas or a glossy paper, freeze, and everlasting. simply things but so complicated that is street.

    this is one of my street photo

    you can see the full one in my blog

  7. Every single of street photography will always make me different and sharpen up my photography skill as well. Sometimes, it make me feel to be more humble and try to listen to others people story. Every single story and picture of the moment will bring up different kind of ideas and knowledge into my life. Capture the real life moment is always one of part of the street photography needed, it is fun.

  8. Street photography is ‘Spontaneous’. The first time I clicked the shutter button it was spontaneous, I loved it. I love street photography because my love for it is because of ‘first love’ :) I wonder if I put it the correct way… Anyway I hope i’m not late for that Tshirt

  9. I love street photography as it constantly drives me to the edge. Nothing beats the fear of people beating you up and shrinking balls.

  10. I like street photography because I love the elements of surprise it gives you. You never know what might pop into the frame while taking a shot, and that’s the uniqueness of street photography.

  11. The very reason why I love street photography is because it is very simple and natural, it has no pretensions! Once you take the photo, you show it to the world it is as it is when you captured it, and that very photo is enough to tell the world one amazing story which probably they’re missing out on.

  12. Street photography brings me out, closer to the society I live in. I get to talk to various people which I don’t do otherwise. I get to understand traditions and cultures of people from various walks of life. I feel for them when I shoot their pictures. In short I get to know everything about the place I live in.

  13. I love street photography because it shows the raw side of people. The realistic side of life instead of planned lights and emotions. It shows real emotions and actions. It requires more thought to take a shot like and it is a must to observe the environment. Street photography has lead me to know the people around me and who i am. This is why i love street photography. It not only document lives, but allows a better understanding of human sociology.

  14. I love street photography because you will not know what you are going to see and what will happen next. It might just pass you by without you even realising it.

  15. I love street photography because in the streets you can see the ups and downs of life. You see people from all walks of life; The rich and the poor, the proud and the humble, the religious and the skeptics, etc. Furthermore, in street photography everything makes sense as you capture each and every moment and it’s up to you how you define your feelings about the images you took. I am a Filipino, I have seen the struggles of the Filipino people just to earn a living. Here is 1 example ( Thank You!

  16. Street photography…There’s something in it that touches the very core of me; touches the deepest part of me, my heart and soul. Seeing different candid photos from around the world makes me see life in different perspective. How candid it is yet so wonderful, natural and beautiful. Seeing these photographs makes me see how wonderful and amazing life is in its own special way. Street photography is the invisible lens of life that captures the very core and the very essence of life itself.

  17. I love street photography because it shows the real situation of the country, province , city and its people . it is raw .

  18. Street Photography is my way of giving some documented stories to other people. We all know for a fact that some people can’t afford or should I say don’t have the chance to explore a place due to many reasons, by means of this, I can say that street photography gives me the chance to share what I enjoy, see, and experience by means of photos I take. Simple photos becomes more beautiful to me when I think that others are also with me exploring the world. It’s a way of knowing myself as an important person in this world, sharing and connecting people to the other world by means of my photos I share with them. Also, it’s a way of how I express my emotions, show and share my talent to others and doing my role as a creation of God.

  19. I love Street photography because you capture life to its fullest. You can see the difference between the rich and the poor, the Humble and the proud, and most of all the ups and downs of life. In the streets you can see people from all walks of life regardless of their socioeconomic status.Street photography has no boundaries, you can shoot at any moment you want regardless of the place and time as long as the moment makes sense to you. Like when I took a shot of this woman making candles for a living Thank you! =)

  20. Street photography is all abt the spirit and soul of it all. Every face, every street, every corner tells a story. It is the real deal! n that is why I’m in love with it.

  21. i love street photography cause its an all around photography. And most importantly it an actual documentation of our society as we know of. No lights to set up, no models, no stages, no make ups whatsoever, just you (the photographer) and the the world outside your door step. Lastly, there are no second opportunities for the shots you take. If it’s gone then it is gone forever. That’s what makes street photography unique.

  22. i love street photography because it tests your skills to the limit. you have to anticipate what is coming into your frame as well as imagine what will be the end product more so than other types of photography.

  23. Street photography is about capturing a window that people can look through and appreciate the world beyond them.

  24. “Thanks for the streets, we photographers can venture to EXPLORE, DISCOVER, and consequently SHARE with others our ViSuAl eXpeRIenceS”.

  25. Street photography is real, candid and what it is. The images can give deep positive or negative impression to the people because of the honesty of the images taken that reveal another side of life.

  26. Street photography is.
    A story of life,
    of humanistic endeavors,
    and emotional connections.
    Many times it is.
    Other times it isn’t.
    But, it’s always there.
    Hidden, yet transparent behind every ephemeral frameline.

  27. I love street photography, because Street Photography = Billion of Moments + Countless of Possibilities.

  28. there are no rules in street photography, there is only the COURAGE to bring cameras into the public space even to one’s personal space.
    this is what makes me love street photography…entering new territory, met people and heard new stories.

  29. I’m a frustrated photojournalist so I’ve tried different genres of photography, but still, it end up with street photography which is related to delivering a powerful photo not because of it’s unique style but of course the “Active Story” it represent to the viewers.

  30. I love street photography because it lets me capture that certain moment in time which everybody else may never notice. It makes me feel great. Free and happy in fact. It’s where my heart is…

  31. Like any other genres of Photography, Street, depicts reality, unfathomable bits and pieces of life outside any comfort zones. This is what I need. To get out of my shell. I need it. We need it.

  32. Cameras are no longer cameras themselves, they are the tools of communicate with different people. No matter where I am, local or traveling, shooting on the street with my old cameras are a great way for me to connect with all the people who I never meet before.

  33. Street photography lets me find the humor in humanity, the work of humanity, and the past time of humanity. Street photography in China lets me remember how life changes in moments, it connects me to the world and fills me with such energy that keeps me going.

  34. Street photography gives me the challenge in composing & dealing with subjects (human elements). In the urge of doing street photography me & my colleagues came up in making a FSP (Filipino Street Photography) facebook page. It’s a page not only for Filipinos in the Philippines (since i am residing in Singapore) but it’s globally. That’s how i am so intact in doing SP now. You can visit our page @!/groups/filipinosp/doc/182889948448858/

  35. Street Photography is a mirror of life as it is. No replays. No rewinds. No director. No acts. It’s real, just the way life should be lived.
    Street Photography is seizing the moment; capturing that split second of life the way it was.

  36. I love street photography because the it let me look at society at different angles and perspectives. I can feel the world in different ways through street photography.

  37. I love street photography simply because it captures the real natural moments of life. The pictures you take can bring out the emotions of society. Street photography really opens up my eyes and I find myself caught up in the real world. The pictures reflect the everyday life and the current moment of the society.

    The unique realism of street photography has given me the power to go beyond conventional ways of seeing and understanding things. I learn to appreciate the environment and interpret things. Simply, it gets me thinking…

  38. I am a newbie in street photography. What I love about it, is that it captures RAW REALITY!

  39. i love it for it makes you think on your feet, it lets you see how people truly behave and act.

    1. With street photography, there is no need to stand and stare because time waits for no one.

  40. for me there is no other place where you can capture the rawness of reality in one’s society, its in the streets.
    This is why i love street photography and a IPA street photography shirt will complement this, let me spread the love for street photography by wearing the shirt :)

  41. All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and we street photographers are here to capture the moment in memories.

  42. No other genre provides you with the opportunity to experience life on the street, in its rawness & vitality with all the emotions within the same frame? To allow people to see the world through the lens is what each photographer hopes to achieve using his or her camera. Different people have different ways of seeing the same scene in front of them & street is the best genre to test & train the eye.

  43. I love street photography because I love life. Learning and doing street photography helped me to live everyday and see things in a deeper and much more meaningful way. As a great street photographer friend once said, it is about seeing the beauty in the mundane. Being one of the few who captures this beauty day in and day out makes me and everyone I share my photos with, appreciate life and the simple things even more.

  44. I love street photography because it tells no lies. Anyone willing to seek the truth will find it. Regardless of compact or professional, digital or analogue.

  45. Why Street Photography? Theres No Rules or Guidelines in the world could stop you from capturing what you’re able to capture. The only limitations is yourselves.

  46. street photography is poetry, rhymes and rhythm of life. It sings to the heart with the music of reality, it’s like a dance, you go out in the street and you swirl through it, trying to capture a single perfect note. It’s extatic, the rush is like the one you’re feeling when you do something dangerous and mysterious, adrenaline running through your veins. There’s always a new picture, a new way to take it, a new exciting moments to witness, it never stops, always renewing itself, a never ending subject. It can be a challenge or the easiest thing in the world. The emotions are real, it’s honest. You want to see the world in all its forms, go in the street. Thats why I love it so much.

  47. Street photography is where you’ll find the grit, the dirt, the real, the life. It will squeeze the talent out of you, jiggle your brain, and evoke powerful emotions (be it good or bad). This is where being prepared, and at the same time being open to changes comes in handy. This is where luck plays a major role. This is street photography. And I love it!

  48. i love street photography because it is engaging, i can capture people in different situations and see how they react. Its very rewarding once you get just the right moment. And its absolutely fun!

  49. I dun hv to take care of my 7 months old baby,
    I get chase after slow push cart ladies,
    I sit n watch which man today is getting lucky,
    They probably get to smooch their honey..
    Hopefully I get to capture all these moment timely,
    so I can hv time to sip some coffee.
    So relax, so in love with street photography,
    Now it is time to go home n feed my baby . :)

  50. I am number 143 who liked this ” Why I Love Street Photography Giveaway “. 143 is the universal number which means I love you, lucky enough to be the 143 fan who liked “Why I Love Street Photography Giveaway” & I love you INVISIBLE PH T GRAPHER ASIA ……^_^……

  51. I love street photography because it shows three elements Sincerity, Reality and Creativity.

    It conveys sincere emotions of real people and situations that are happening around. And lastly, with great creativity you can bring out not just good image but a strong image.

  52. What I love about street photography is that nobody usually notice what is around us, but what is special about the eye of the street photographer is that they are able to capture that one fleeting moment in time and make it a timeless piece of photograph. People may think that street photography is simple but I think that is it really quite a beautiful craft, whereby the photographer has is able to communicate so much emotions through one / a series of photographs.

  53. ..street photography is so viral in character, a science that you can’t see and capture in nature, landscape or other forms of photography! ever wonder how ansel adams would fit in street photography..!?

  54. I love street photography because it is candid, real and simple. I don’t have to have the best camera in the world, I don’t have to take master courses in photography to take photos in the streets. All I need are the two things that we all have: a pair of eyes to see what’s going on around us and a compassionate heart to feel the ‘soul’ of the streets.

  55. I ♥ street photography because by standing in the middle of the street the whole world around me becomes my frame of reference. Street photography is such a joy for me. Every subject is interesting, every face tells a story. As a photographer, street photography intruiges me the most, composing in the middle of time and space and freezing a moment which will not happen again that to me is true essence of photography.

  56. … Street Ph tography is about reading and writing…¡¡¡
    … Reading and Writing the Street…¡¡¡
    The Street is the Text…
    … How we read it… will makes us decide… How it will a Story written…
    The Street is surronded of Worlds going to all directions….
    …A Street Ph tographer must hear them and write them togheter in order to visualize that Text…
    …The Text of the Street…¡¡¡

  57. Everyday living is so hectic that most people go about their business failing to see the beauty in ordinary everyday life. The street photographer who is wowed by these moments – redeems the failure to see, displays ordinary life to the world and opens eyes to its magic.

  58. I love street photography because i have the chance to capture different stories behind the million emotions you can see out there. It is my way of preserving scenes that may not happen again, highlight public issues to recipients concerned, ang to bring a bit of humor, fun and entertainment in every viewer’s face.

  59. I love street photography because you have unlimited amount of models. Every time I go outside, I think in a different perspective than the average person. I love to shoot the wanderness of the people. I love to shoot the colorful lights of the city. Everyday, the streets are changing endlessly. It is the unknown possibility of what I am going to shoot next tomorrow.

  60. Because the street is the photographer’s friend, but also his enemy. So are the street’s inhabitants with their varying lots and differing modes of life. They are unpredictable, random, spontaneous and cheap :)

  61. I like street photography because beside being in bed, I spend most of the time on the streets. and I can’t shoot in bed.

  62. i love street photography because it’s, i mean, it’s fake…it’s real people being real, but you never know if it’s a facade…it’s also fake people acting like they’re real but they too don’t really know what life is going to bring them, which is why street photography is so beautiful and intriguing and mysterious and in-the-moment, simultaneously fleeting but yet forever if captured properly. that is street photography. i love it.

  63. Why street? Reason is simple, street photo is freedom, emotional and hiding storyline. One sentence, you may take what you see, whatever you see is will be your memories. Loving it!

  64. i love street photography simply because it preserves a slice of life that would have otherwise be undocumented. some may see it as just random shots, but personally, i feel that its documenting something for history. you never know if that moment you captured would cease to exist down the road.

  65. Street portraiture is a deeper observation of the world, a moment in time that would otherwise be lost forever.
    To find and record beauty in a moment that was not deliberately created is something extremely special.
    The instant when the subject is unaware, raw reality is captured.
    This is why I’m passionate about street portraiture.

  66. Street photography gave me the perspective and essence on how beautiful and spontaneous random subjects are, the natural light available that I can play with, I love it when it is b&w, coloured or selective colour processed, taught me how to interact with people in the street because everything is a new environment for me, I learn how to smile to smile back (because I rarely smile, haha) with children flocking around me and say – “kuya pa-picture naman :)” , and i love on how they react when I show them the preview through the lcd screen, it gave me the view of the world of people that were less fortunate and struggling for their everyday life through the exposure to their current socio-economic status.

    for me this is my best photo

    1. pardon my errors..

      Street photography gave me the perspective and essence on how beautiful and spontaneous random subjects are, the natural light available that I can play with, I love it when it is b&w, coloured or selective colour processed, taught me how to interact with people in the street because everything is a new environment for me, I learn how to smile back (because I rarely smile, haha) with children flocking around me and say – “kuya pa-picture naman :)” , and i love on how they react when I show them the preview through the lcd screen, it gave me the view of the world of people that were less fortunate and struggling for their everyday life through the exposure to their current socio-economic status.

      for me that is street photography..

      and my best picture..

  67. The thing i love about doing street photography is that, after you capture a single moment, you decide what’s going to happen next. It’s like an open-ended film (much like the film ‘Inception’), it’s up to you how the story of a single shot/picture taken will continue and end. It defies one’s imagination.

    Try to tell a story about this shot titled “Kalsada” or “Street”.

  68. I love Street Photography because it is REAL. nothing more, nothing less.
    There is no posing.
    You can tell a story on the photo. A true story. It is like a visual poem.
    It makes you think fast as a photographer. You only have a very limited time to capture that precious moment. The results are rewarding.

    “The greatest thing to fear is the artificially contrived.” -Henri Cartier-Bresson

    It’s the spontaneity of the elements around you that makes Street Photography greater than any field of Photography–That is why I love Street Photography :)

    All of my current photographs are taken by iPod Touch4. :)

  69. I love street photography because it does not only tackles the photos but the story what made that photo special. A photo that will tell a story for the next generation to know about the history.

  70. I love street photography because of the endless adventures and the ability to tell a story by capturing candid moments of every day emotion and I love the challenge.

  71. Because street photography tells stories often untold.
    Though sometimes simple and easy to access, depicting how you felt when taking the shot is often where the challenge lies.

  72. I love street photography because the street is the greatest witness of life. This is where everyone takes a risk and that is what photography is all about.

  73. I love Street Photography because it brings pure euphoria in me. Almost a zen-like state–wandering wherever I want to go, while taking the awesomeness of the mundane. Interesting people, fascinating experience and astounding places. I become totally immersed in the experience and forget a sense of time or space. :D

  74. Street Photography.Real life.Honest emotions.Priceless act.Captured moment.The real world.

    Nothing beats that.

  75. Why i Love street photography? There’s nothing to hate bout it. it’s where we can express everything. what we feel, what we want to do and many more. That’s why i love Street photography. ♥

  76. I love street photography because of IPA and AikBengChia. wahahahahah
    An interesting photo is not and interesting photo because of the camera you use.

  77. Why I love street photography? Because it is the only area of photography where you cannot put words into someone else’s mouth. And in street photography, you have to be invisible.

  78. I love street photography because it tell stories, it is unpredictable and it is unique. Some set up photos maybe beautiful but rarely tell any stories. I can get different results everyday and timing is important.
    It hones our confident skill especially social skills. Although I’m new in this kind og photography but I love it.
    My street photos :

  79. street photography reveals reality of human life which has positive and negative issues, so that makes me interested to be able to raise issues that occur on the streets so crowded audience can understand about life on the streets and the people who worked in a government in a country can measure the performance of their governance. if it works or not.

  80. Not long ago, nearing 40 years of age, I found myself lamenting the speed with which life was passing me by while appreciating anew the richness that the people around me contribute to every day life. I made a New Years resolution to spend more time documenting my surroundings in both words and images as a way of forcing myself to slow down and focus on these things. What I’ve found is that things which previously comprised the “background noise” of my daily life: buskers in the subway, seniors feeding pigeons in the park, etc…, are pulled into the foreground when I consider them through the viewfinder. They cease to be simply components of the background against which life plays out, and become integral parts to be focused upon and appreciated. This is a process that, in my experience, is wholly independent of photographic skill. I don’t claim to have any great talents as a street photographer, nor do I need them. It simply requires the desire to look at life from a different angle. The camera is merely a tool to facilitate this.

  81. I love street photography because it’s only by freezing fleeting moments, that people begin to notice more about the things that move too swiftly around them and appreciate the lessons of everyday life, which otherwise would have just been lost in time.

  82. To be given the honor to document the everyday human condition. To enable myself and others to view the powerful combinations of our basic human emotions of joy, trust, fear, surprise, sadness, anger and anticipation in everyday ordinary people and how it shapes their lives.To be able to move people throught this process.

    This is why i love, admire and respect street photography and its practitioners.

  83. I love street photograph because it’s UNIQUE to capture everyday life in different way and angle

  84. I like street photography because it is lively and involves all the things around us in everyday life. You will never gets the same subjects and feel although its a same place you went and shoot last time. It portray the natural expression and atmosphere of the people and places. Street photography is real – no studio lighting and prearrangement. That’s what makes me to like it.

  85. If you’re in a bad situation, don’t worry it’ll change. If you’re in a good situation, don’t worry until change happens. If we don’t change we don’t grow. Change is constant, and for me the photograph is a way of preserving that moment that would other wise lost to change. Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.

  86. street photography = real, simple, emotion and invisible ! These drive us to learn more to appreciate life.

  87. Because it’s not artificial or contrived and if you miss that great shot, so what? There is another one just around the corner!

  88. I love street photography as we can capture the vibes, the energy and human expressions more easily, more natural as often times when a person notices a camera, the expressions will inevitably be unnatural. It is also out here on the streets where we are able to capture the realities of life – the harshness, as well as the wonders of the world that is around us every single day. We just have to look carefully enough and through discerning lenses

  89. street photography means the world to me as i capture its very life in an ordinary daily basis of which may turn out to be something extra-ordinary. everything has a soul which becomes the story and you’d only see it all in the street.

  90. street photography is something which brings out the inner photographer of you .. helps you to visualize, brings out your creativity and the best brings out the crazy side of photographer in you .. that is why i love street photography

  91. I love street photography because everything is unpredictable. It is like a film camera, you do not know what is going to be the outcome of the picture. And also the elements are very natural, the events, emotions and what I like the most is the connection of you as a photographer to the people or the situation.

  92. Street photography is all about capturing the soul of culture, people, lifestyle and whatever that brings in a spark of thought in our mind. It can be serious or fun or moody and yeah we photographers just love it.

  93. Life moves pretty fast… streetphotography freezes moments in time. Natural, un-contrived, and genuine. Urban life captured and made immortal, for future generations to learn from, and enjoy.

  94. I love street photography because it captures events that are spontaneous and it shows the beauty of everyday life. And it’s a thrilling experience whenever you take pictures of people and/or events that you might not see again. It’s about telling stories without the use of words.

  95. Street photography pictures reality without the “bling bling”. It informs the mind and inspires the heart.

  96. No men live identically, just like no leaves are the same. Street photography allows me record the differences among us and the uniqueness of any of us.

  97. Seeing different kinds of people in all walks of life.. you capture the true human nature and real people in reality of the real world. homeless man in the street, children playing in the rain, man riding his Porsche while the other is pushing his cart full of scrap metals this is one of the reasons why I love Street Photography, it fascinates me and also reminded me of the reality. Reality and a little bit of imagination is what makes street photography awesome.

  98. I like to do street phtography of SG heritage/cultural locations or event.
    SG is not “Soul-less”, using Street Photography help to preserve memories of a even-changing Sing-a-pore~~or even this morphing world at large.

    by the way i am naked now, can i have the T-shirt?
    would be good if u give-away boxer-shorts too…

  99. Fundamentals of street photography is to capture the moment of laughters, tears, love, respect, upbeat, quiet of lives on the street without staged emotions or poses. Simply, it is as real as seeing the moment with your eyes as one pushes the button to capture it.

  100. I love street photography ,I want to photograph their life,their love,their passion.Street photography pictures tell a story,i love that’s decisive moments.

  101. Its in the streets where you encounter the best and the worst of humanity: from frenzied lives to stoic realities, nevertheless alive like the place that feeds and nurtures their existence.

  102. I love street photography, simply because you never know what you’re going to get each day while shooting. The thrill and excitement – that something fascinating and interesting will surface behind every bend, every corner. It drives me to on keep moving and taking photos. The streets present themselves as a treasure chest – full of valuable moments; and your eye is the key to unlocking the chest. Each day i return from a long day shooting with a collection of valuable moments and a smile on my face. This rewarding experience is why i love street photography, why i will continue to do so for a long time to come.

  103. Street Photography allows anyone to see the Magical in the Mundane, the Enthralling in the Every day, the Spectacular in the Simple. It often times makes me stretch my imagination to discover and capture what everyone looks at in passing… but then again, gets to see in a refreshing perspective through the images that any photographer captures. I learn from these perspectives and images – and in the process, appreciate life and my surroundings much more than before.

  104. Well I can say that street photography is the only form of photography that captures the fraction of mundane scene of everyday life. It is the simplest and yet the most difficult to produce a results…..

    I can continue with all the jargon I read on books and websites but what’s the point of writing all that?

    So rather I’d say this: Street photography is a form of rebellion, it constructed of no rule and yet speak of the same uniformed language. Liberty. It liberates us from the rules and conformity of photography and it teaches us a whole new level of seeing.

  105. I love Street Photography because in a single moment it stops time, there forever to hold and there are treasures in unexpected places. Though Street photography is not easy, it tests your nerves, your hand eye coordination and your instincts, but the satisfaction of capturing that split second where everything comes together can make it all worth it!

  106. I love street photography because it captures the moment that a photographer is seeing with his or her own eyes. What attracted him or her enough to hit the shutter and eternalize that scene, so that it could be shown to hundreds or thousands more. The simple beauty that many people fail to see for themselves due to their busy lives can be shown to them in pictures thanks to street photography. So this is the reason why I love street photography and why I would like to train myself to have the eye for it. I don’t want to miss out on what’s happening around me. It’s time to stop and smell the flowers.

  107. i love street photography simply because street photography is a kind of photography inside a’s not just about taking pictures but on how frustrating it is to have such a good quality of a street photo. only few people can understand the true essence of street photography and knowing it is like being trapped inside a labyrinth. blessed are those who can understand and appreciate the true beauty of street photography.

  108. street photography is sooo random that you get REAL people, REAL emotions, and REAL(LY) great pictures. i love it. ;p

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